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Throughout our lives, we all have those defining moments that really change who we are as a person. That moment came for me when I photographed my first wedding. From that point on I couldn't get enough of it. I love everything about weddings and the emotions that it brings. Being able to celebrate the most important day in the lives of some amazing human beings is what drives me to keep doing photography. 

Throughout my brief journey as a wedding photographer, I have met some amazing human beings who have welcomed me into their lives. A journey usually filled with challenges, goals and experiences that have blossomed into some amazing friendships. 

Okay now all that has been said, want to know more about me? I will start by saying proudly that I graduated from the University of Houston, where I majored in Supply Chain Management. I work a day job in the HVAC Industry, I love to play video games and anything that has to do with tech. I have a wife name Denisse and she is an amazing photographer in her own rights. Denisse specializes in newborn and maternity but on a regular basis she works as my second photographer for most of my weddings. She is my rock and she is the reason I do what I do every day. 

If you are interested in learning more about me, lets go grab some coffee and hang out sometimes!